Why and How to Start Trading Forex

In this article we’ll set out the reasons to start trading forex, and how you can go about it.

When you’re ready you’ll be able to open your first trading account, and start trading, and have learned to trade the currency markets for free, and be part of an exciting vibrant trading community

  • The fx/forex markets are rapidly becoming the most popular market in the world for people to start trading. They have low entry costs, very competitive offerings.
  • If you’re in the UK .. you can trade the FX markets for free using platforms like PaddyPowerTrader (Winner of our 2007 Award for Best Platform)

Paddy Power Trader

Why trading the fx markets makes sense

  • The markets are mature
  • Millions of people trade the markets every day
  • Currency is used by people across the globe in their daily lives

Trading Games?

  • There are lots of free demos and trading games, where you can practice trading before ever risking any real money
  • These often have real world financial prizes

FX Trading Platforms

There are many online trading platforms, which means you can chose the one which most appeals to you. You should consider:

  • The costs
  • The service you receive
  • The times of trading
  • The number of underlyings
  • The location and regulatoiry background (e.g. FSA registered in the UK)
  • Their extras – training activities, newsletters, advice
  • Their current customer feedback
  • Revies / Ratings
  • The advice of your independent financial advisors

Paddy Power Trader