Start Trading FX Awards

The Start Trading FX Awards are our annual awards which we will be given to websites that receive the most positive responses from the research we conduct.

2007 Winner

For 2007, we had a clear winner in Paddy Power Trader

What is reviewed & considered

This includes our own prorprietary and subjective review of the sites and services, which includes:

  • Customer Service
  • Sign On Process
  • Regulatory Regime
  • Quality of Training Materials
  • Simplicity of system
  • Transparency of Pricing
  • Statistical Analysis

Can you recommend a site for review?

Yes, absolutely, to do this, send your details and testimonials to us at, with your contact details and reasons for suggesting the site for review.

When are the awards annnounced?

The 2007 Awards will be announced in Q1 2008. It is expected that they will be finalised in January and published in February 2008, once the winners have had a chance to respond.ed

Disclaimer: Again these awards represent a snap shot in time, and previous awards do not necessarily suggest future performance