New FX platforms to look at

At the moment there are numerous FX trading platforms being setup.

This is a good thing for many, as there are great offers to be had.

Xforex is a company that we’ve been looking at for a while.. they have a mature platform, and a great offer of a free gift when you sign up..

They also have good charts and financial calendars.

You don’t have to add a deposit to register for an account and get the gift.. and you can open an account for as low as $100.

While it does say USD a lot.. they are looking for and after UK customers.. I know.. seemed odd to me too.. but I spoke to Daniel B in their press department and he set me straight.

So .. one to take a look at .. let me know what you think.. we’re keen to help people find platforms that work, easy to use and actually answer their phone.. for me.. Xforex is definitely one to check out.


I love their graphics.. (chart landing page) (gift landing page) (donot work page)