FX Rates and Graphs

There are lots of FX rates available online and free graphing of “live” fx rates.

Many of these come from trading platforms, others via exchanges, and other information providers.

Consider the source of your data

It’s important to consider:

  • Why they are providing the data
  • The cost of the data
  • Whether the data is live, delayed, indicative, tradeable
  • The display of the data
  • The currency of the prices
  • The timezone of the data (London, Paris, Tokyo, New York – what is 9am?)

Also consider why you are looking at the currency

  • Are you doing a short term trade
  • A long term currency play
  • Ensure you review both the short term (mins, hours) and long term (weeks, months, years) trends

What’s the base currency?

Currency rates are usually displayed with the USD cuurency as the base currency. It’s important to know what the currency you are looking at is being quoted against.

Example of Graphs

This is an example of a Candle Graph showing the GBPUSD at 15minute intervals, and below 1 minute intervals. Notice the difference in the graphs.