Essential News and Information Sources

Keeping up to date, with the latest news in general, currency movements, economic indicators and other factors which can impact the markets, and traders views is essential.

General News Sources

The BBC website is very useful, and is a well established news source. This covers a large variety of content, the business section is more specialised.

The Financial Times is a good website for financial and general news, as well as assessing sentiment.

Reuters and Bloomberg are good information sources but to get up to date information you need to pay for a feed, which isn’t practical for most traders.

Forex , FX, Currency News

Forex News Macroeconomic views how the the economic calendar and central banks can affect the currency markets.

FX Street – daily listing of major daily currency analysis and forecasts with support and trading suggestion forecasts.

Currency Pro – A Forex Portal with strong analysis on the Major Currency pairs.