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SaxoWebTrader has been launched in May 2008.

Saxobank say “It marks a new era in trading. Not only does SaxoWebTrader enable you to trade multiple asset classes, it allows you to personalise your account interface. You can choose from an array of charts, prices, market research, data sources and news feeds. You can also access your Saxo Bank account from your mobile phone or PDA on SaxoMobileTrader.”

Let us know what you think

Remain calm when trading

Have you ever been stressed out while trading? Did it affect your judgement… you bet it did. I remain losing 75% of my portfolio as the dot com bubble burst.. and just thinking why me..

Remaining calm under pressure

There are many ways to deal with pressure and many stressful situations.

  • Stress under fire – in the army or in a war
  • Stress from tiredness
  • Stress in competition

Think about why you get stressed and how you would normally deal with it. Recognise that stress also exists while trading.

We’ve been experimenting with iiYoge Eye Movement therapy, they have a free ebook so check it out if you like.. there’s also

New FX platforms to look at

At the moment there are numerous FX trading platforms being setup.

This is a good thing for many, as there are great offers to be had.

Xforex is a company that we’ve been looking at for a while.. they have a mature platform, and a great offer of a free gift when you sign up..

They also have good charts and financial calendars.

You don’t have to add a deposit to register for an account and get the gift.. and you can open an account for as low as $100.

While it does say USD a lot.. they are looking for and after UK customers.. I know.. seemed odd to me too.. but I spoke to Daniel B in their press department and he set me straight.

So .. one to take a look at .. let me know what you think.. we’re keen to help people find platforms that work, easy to use and actually answer their phone.. for me.. Xforex is definitely one to check out.


I love their graphics.. (chart landing page) (gift landing page) (donot work page)

IG Index – Trailing Stop Loss

The Online trading market continues to inovate and for those of you working to a sensible risk focussed approach, stop losses are more and more essential. Now what if the stop-loss was dynamic.. always looking out for you best interest..


IG Index have introduced (2008) trailing stop losses.This is similiar to some other facilities but a noticeable step forward. It’s good to see a major platform introducing features we help the customer – i.e. you and me.

Their press release said “We are committed to giving you more. More markets, more trading tools, the best dealing technology. We were the first to offer spread betting on shares in 1995. Now we cover over 7000 individual shares, plus indices, forex, commodities and more….” and continues ” Our new Trailing Stops help you lock in your profits:

  • Your Stop level adjusts with the market
  • Secure your gains as the market moves
  • No charge for setting a Trailing Stop”

We look forward to bringing your more news and feedback as and when we can.  If you have any comments, please get in touch.