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Trading Online .. You need a fast Computer

When trading online, what computer should you use?

If you are planning on trading online. It’s important to have a fast machine – ie a fast laptop.

Whichever platform you trade on, most require internet access (or benefit from it), and most will work on Mac or PC format. But if you are thinking of buying a new trading machine, you should check first (note – the new Macs actually let you run PC software!)

Things to consider:

  • Software requirements
  • Desktop/Laptop – I prefer a laptop.. so I can work in the garden, coffee shop, parents house
  • Multi use or just for trading? – Over the years we’ve broken computers – well to be fair we’ve made them go slow, by installing lots of things.. so be clear what you’re planning to do.
  • Firewalls / Data Security
  • Antivirus software is a must
  • RAM – the more RAM, the more things can multitask
  • Internet / Wireless / 3G – how will you get on line?
  • BACK UP .. if you’re trading the system goes down.. then what?


  • Sony SZ – lovely machines.. once you have them set up right
  • Apple Mac Books – always a favourite
  • Apple Mac Mini – you can plug it into your plasma.. and runs silent